Oxford Playwrights


is a group of writers based in Oxford. Our aims are to:

1. Provide opportunities for the practical development of members' plays.

2. Provide a supportive environment for members at all stages of their development enabling them to realise the plays they want to write.

3. Promote members' plays to a wider audience.


We have a good, informal relationship with the Oxford Playhouse, and work with the Oxford Actors Network on the regular presentation of our work in venues across the city.




Saturday 30 November 2019

St Margaret's Institute, Polstead Road, Oxford 


Seven new short plays by local writers


   Feeling the panda - by Mark Ralph-Bowman

   Advanced driving - by Stephen Wilson

   Ballad of a respectable house - by Joel Kaye

   A game of two halves - by Lekha Desai Morrison

   Mick - by Heather Dunmore

   The good mother - by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield

   Home again - by Stuart Skyte


   Actors & directors include:

   Alannah Burns

   Ben Schofield

   Julia Thomas

   Elsbeth Smit

   Marie Holmes

   Marcus Davis-Orrom

   Michael Curran

   Michael Gerard

   Nicola Borthwick

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